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Personal Plan

Visa Experts will review your exact situation and give a custom and personalized “Schengen Visa Application Plan” (SVAP). You even get access to our internal visa management application.

Step 2

Gather Documents

You get access to our Visa Experts templates, samples, ‘how-to’ guides, and video walk-throughs for every part of your Schengen Visa. This means you never need to use Google again.

Step 3

Reserve & Submit

Visa Experts will help you book in your Schengen Embassy appointment, book hotel & flight reservations, travel insurance and prepare you for your interview or any reviews.

And... 'Step 4' - Enjoy Europe!

Our job is to ensure you walk into the Schengen Visa appointment with confidence, knowing that you have all of the documents filed correctly and you will be successful with your application. And that you have the highest chance of success to getting your Schengen Visa.

And, once you receive your Schengen Visa, you will be able to make the most of your lovely trip to Europe – soaking up the stunning views, living every experience and eating all the wonderful food.

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We give you every item necessary, no matter your situation. We will:

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Every Schengen Visa application is unique, as no two situations are the same. The free consultation is a no stress, no commitment and no worry session that can be completed directly from your mobile phone without any problems. We will provide you our assessment within 1 to 2 hours and if you need more information, we can provide it to you as well.


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