EES Entry Exit System At Schengen Area Borders

Entry/Exit System (EES) – EU & Schengen Area Border Security

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EES Entry & Exit System For Schengen Area Border Control  Did you know that Europe can offer you one of the best travel experiences?  The Schengen countries are filled with jaw-dropping views, artworks, famous landmarks, and delicious food.  However, before discovering different cultures, cuisines, and languages, you have to deal…

Indian Rupees For Schengen Visa Fee

Schengen Visa Fee: How Much Does Your Visa Application Cost?

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Have you decided to apply for a Visa and travel to the Schengen Zone?  We are so excited for you! Schengen countries are worth visiting for their beautiful capital cities, picturesque towns and villages, cultural heritage, and more.  However, before enjoying some of the world’s most visited European tourist attractions,…

ETIAS Visa Waiver For Schengen Area

ETIAS Visa Waiver: The European Travel Authorisation System

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We have received hundreds or even thousands of questions from travellers worldwide about the ETIAS Visa Waiver Program. “What is the ETIAS Visa waiver?”, “Which countries need an ETIAS Visa and how can I get one?”, “What is the difference between ETIAS and Schengen Visa?, “What are the ETIAS Europe…