Some days ago we received an email from a customer asking us whether it’s possible to apply for a Schengen Visa without bank statements. 

That’s a great question. 

As you may already know, submitting your bank statements is a mandatory requirement when applying for a Schengen Visa.  

Embassies and Consulates ask for your latest 3-6 months of bank statements so that they can see that you have a stable source of income and sufficient financial means to cover the expenses for your trip. 

But what happens if, for any reason, you can’t get your bank account statements or have no money in the bank? 

Will you still be able to apply for a Schengen Visa?

Read on to find out. 

Is It Possible to Apply for a Schengen Visa Without Bank Statements?

Getting Bank Statements for Schengen Visa

Generally, you can apply for a Schengen Visa without bank statements. 

But having your Schengen Visa approved without submitting your bank statements as proof of financial means is a whole different story. 

So why is that? 

As we mentioned at the start of this article, Embassies require your bank statements for two reasons.

Firstly, they want to ensure that you have a stable income derived from regular employment or other income streams. 

That shows evidence of your rootedness or strong ties to your home country and proves your intent to return home after travelling to Europe.  

Secondly, they need clear evidence that you are able to cover all of the expenses during each day spent in the Schengen Area so you won’t be a financial burden for the country you will be travelling to. 

This also brings evidence that you can spend money in their country and contribute to their economy. 

Typically, Embassies check the following information in your bank account:

  • How much money you have in your account
  • The date the account was opened 
  • The amounts deposited into and the amounts withdrawn from your account 
  • Irregularities in the transactions, such as a one-time big deposit
  • Consistency with your other documents, such as your employment documents and Income Tax Returns 
Bank Statements With Schengen Visa Show Money

In addition, most Embassies require your bank statements to hold an original stamp from your bank to confirm the authenticity of the document.

This means that it can be very difficult to get a Schengen Visa without submitting your bank statements. 

If for whatever reason you don’t have a bank account, we strongly encourage you to provide alternative proof of financial support, such as proof of sponsorship. 

According to article 21 (5) of the Schengen Visa Code, proof of spon­sorship can constitute evidence of sufficient means of subsistence.

In that case, you are required to submit your sponsor’s bank statements alongside other relevant documents, such as ​​a sponsorship letter written and signed by your sponsor and a copy of your sponsor’s ID or passport.

However, do note that some Schengen Embassies may require you to submit your own bank statements even if you have a sponsor who will be financially supporting your trip.

Having a sponsor is a mandatory requirement if you are a student or unemployed and don’t have the necessary funds to cover the expenses for your trip. 

If you are able to cover the expenses for your trip yourself but still, you are unable to submit bank statements, it’s best to provide a detailed explanation in your cover letter

Telling the truth is always going to be the easiest and most convenient option for you. The Embassy officers are trained to spot any inconsistencies and if you try to twist the facts to your advantage, you risk your application being refused. 

As we mentioned before, applying for a Schengen Visa without bank statements can be quite challenging (unless you have a sponsor to support your trip and the Embassy doesn’t require you to submit your own bank statements together with your sponsor’s bank statements).

Even so, honesty is always the best policy and the Embassy officers will take this into account when reviewing your application. 

You should never open a bank account to apply for your Visa, nor borrow money from friends or family to increase your bank account balance and then pay it back again later.  

The Embassy officers are experts at identifying red flags and will want to ensure that the money in your bank account is actually yours and not just a short-term loan. 

If you don’t have enough Schengen Visa “show money” (this is the colloquial term for the money you have access to when travelling) it’s best to find a sponsor who can fully or partially sponsor your trip.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have enough money in the bank to apply for a Schengen Visa, we recommend you take our financial means test

All Schengen Embassies have disclosed how much money you should have in the bank to be granted a Visa, and the amount varies according to the country you are travelling to and the length of your trip. 

Wrapping Up

Submitting Bank Statements for Schengen Visa

Getting your Schengen Visa approved without bank statements is not impossible, but you will have to tackle some challenges. 

If you don’t have a bank account or don’t have enough funds, it’s best to have a sponsor who can financially support your trip. 

Otherwise, we strongly encourage you to submit as much evidence as possible to prove that you’re getting a regular income and having strong ties to your home country. 

Be truthful about your financial capability and avoid borrowing money and transferring it to your account before applying for your Visa. The Embassy officers know that some people borrow money in order to apply for a Visa and look out for this trick.  

Even if your budget is limited, it’s always best to be upfront and honest. 

You must remember that having a large sum on your account does not always guarantee the approval of a Visa application, and there are many other factors that the Visa officers take into consideration when reviewing your application. 

Don’t let the red tape and complex set of requirements hold you back from experiencing the beauty and culture of Europe. Let our experienced team of Visa specialists guide you through the process and increase your chances of success. Get your free no obligation consultation today and take the first step towards making your dream trip come true!